Friday, 9 November 2012

Shredded Documents Recovered

I met up with the contact at Phoenix this afternoon and got my package with the shredded documents.

Not much to report really, no sign of Agent Loz/Foz but I did see a white van drive past twice when I was at the location, I think it had some yellow writing on the side but couldn't make out what is said from where I was.

I also talked to a second Agent on the node who also reported to have seen the same white van when they where walking to the venue, we agreed to leave at the same time but in different directions to prevent being followed.

The TFT scrabble board was on a small table, again with no centre tile. Everyone said it was an F that was missing before, so that would make 'FIT'?

Anyway I'm going to find some tape and crack on with sticking the shredded documents together, will report back soon!


  1. It looks like "text it" refers to the number from one of the documents. Of course, the next question is, what is it we need to text...

  2. ...And come to think of it, how come the end of "GENEVA" was a blank tile instead of an A? Hmmm...