Sunday, 18 November 2012

Helping Rachel

I was asked by AMBER to meet up with and try and help Rachel this week. We talked for a short while and she asked a few questions about what I had managed to discover and if I thought her dad (Dr Baxter) was alright and if we would ever find him.

Then she produced a brown envelope and said that it had been left for her at the library. It contained a print out of a conversation between Suzan and Bradley about operation quickening coat and some sort of disaster, but large sections had been blacked out.
There was also a green post-it note stuck to the document with what appeared to be morse code on. Rachel asked me if I had seen the document before or knew what they where talking about. I told her I didn't but would try to find out. At that exact moment my phone rang and a voice thanked me for helping Rachel and that TFT where active nearby. So I took the envelope and I left so as not to draw any unnecessary attention to Rachel.

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