Sunday 18 November 2012

Helping Rachel

I was asked by AMBER to meet up with and try and help Rachel this week. We talked for a short while and she asked a few questions about what I had managed to discover and if I thought her dad (Dr Baxter) was alright and if we would ever find him.

Then she produced a brown envelope and said that it had been left for her at the library. It contained a print out of a conversation between Suzan and Bradley about operation quickening coat and some sort of disaster, but large sections had been blacked out.
There was also a green post-it note stuck to the document with what appeared to be morse code on. Rachel asked me if I had seen the document before or knew what they where talking about. I told her I didn't but would try to find out. At that exact moment my phone rang and a voice thanked me for helping Rachel and that TFT where active nearby. So I took the envelope and I left so as not to draw any unnecessary attention to Rachel.

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Documents unshredded

I eventually got the documents stuck back together. The yellow one is an internal TFT memo stamped CLASSIFIED. The other one (pink) is from 10 Downing Street and sounds very serious indeed!

There was also a third document that I think was also a TFT memo but I messed that one up trying to stick it back together with gaffer tape before I managed to find the sellotape.

Lastly was a small blue document with a picture of three men looking at a book and a phone number written on it.

Internet Pedant discovered we had to text the number and Krull worked out what we had to text.

Friday 9 November 2012

Shredded Documents Recovered

I met up with the contact at Phoenix this afternoon and got my package with the shredded documents.

Not much to report really, no sign of Agent Loz/Foz but I did see a white van drive past twice when I was at the location, I think it had some yellow writing on the side but couldn't make out what is said from where I was.

I also talked to a second Agent on the node who also reported to have seen the same white van when they where walking to the venue, we agreed to leave at the same time but in different directions to prevent being followed.

The TFT scrabble board was on a small table, again with no centre tile. Everyone said it was an F that was missing before, so that would make 'FIT'?

Anyway I'm going to find some tape and crack on with sticking the shredded documents together, will report back soon!

Saturday 3 November 2012

TFT Scrabble board on BBC Breakfast

Well I was watching BBC Breakfast this morning and suddenly they where showing a close up of a Scrabble board with the letter 'F' on!

After all the missing news footage that was recovered by other Agents from the TFT Biotech website it look very suspicious to me. The BBC must be working with or for TFT!

Unfortunately by the time I got my phone out to record it it was practically over, and I did not manage to get a image of the 'F' they showed at the beginning.

Did any one else see it? This could be important!

Thursday 1 November 2012

Strange sounds in the sky

Strange sounds in the sky, anyone know anything about this?

Another secret TFT project?

I was given a postcard with the sky on it when I joined AMBER, the same as the one Rachel got from her farther Dr Baxter. Trying to work out what it means. There are numbers on the back:

6,5 24,16 2,4 17,22
24,32 28,3 8,4
15,10 29,5 4,6 18,13
8,13 3,10 1,7 33,3

I'm thinking grid references for something...

Video of DR Solomon Baxter kidnapping

I found this video on YouTube, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!

This is what TFT are doing, we need to stop them, you can help, join AMBER

Tuesday 30 October 2012

I am now a member of AMBER

I have just joined an organisation called Amber, together we will stop the evil TFT.

I found out about Amber when I was at Gamecity and saw them marching through the town centre carrying GMO placards and banners, shouting 'DOWN WITH TFT'

We are trying to find Dr Baxter who was kidnapped by TFT and help his daughter Rachel find her dad.